Project Summary

Following are the products which I have worked on the PRD, HRD, HLD and LLDs, System Designs, Integration, validation and Production Process implementations.


These are the overviews of the fulfilled projects on which I worked during my tenure in different organizations.

Goods to Person Robot

The Goods to Person Robot (Butler) is a decision science driven advanced autonomous mobile robot that uses goods-to-person technology for automated put-away, inventory storage, replenishment and order picking in fulfillment and distribution centers.


EyeROV-Tuna is an underwater drone to perform Visual inspection/survey of submerged structures. It is a cost effective underwater intervention to perform intended tasks up to a depth of 50 meter. EyeROV is a light rover which can be easily controlled using a laptop/joystick. A camera fitted on to the underwater drone gives live video feed of the underwater environment.

Photo Dynamic Therapy Laser

Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) Laser is 635nm output laser equipment used for cancer treatment. The unit requires a high thermal loop for the pump wavelength to keep in 635nm with delta lambda keeps <2nm. This is achieved by introducing PWM based TEC drive development. The unit can work in three modes of operation, Continuous, Pulse and Burst. The unit comes with a resistive touch panel as GUI interface, SD card for storing image and patient information temporarily, and a PC utility to backup the patient information using USB.

Wireless and safety module for Wearables

This is a module which can go inside the jewellery used for women safety. This is connected to the smart phone via Bluetooth; whenever they feel unsafe they can tape on the jewellery to trigger the emergency and this will notify the emergency contacts.

24 Pump EDFA with Ethernet Control

This project is Erbium-doped fiber amplifier This includes PCBs are of having Ethernet modules, ARM Cortex-A8 Microprocessors, DDR3 SDRAM, USB etc.

Digital Command Modulator

This is an RF PCB with a frequency of 2 GHz, in which we implemented impedance controlled, and differential pair routing. It includes Spartan-II FPGA Family, direct digital synthesizer etc. 

GPS Controller and Iridium 9523

This Project features are, all the features of the SBD WARRIOR, while offering additional large data transfer capabilities such as Iridium Circuit Switched Data (CSD), Router-Based Unrestricted Digital Internetworking Connectivity Solutions (RUDICS) and optional voice telephony. 

M2M Motherboard

This is one of Mixed Signal Board used for one of the project used in the machine to Machine (M2M) communication systems. The main elements used in SIERRA Wireless processor, STM32 controller, SIM, MicroSD etc.